Easy And Highly Reliable Call Handling Solutions

Call Solutions

Web based call management allows you to configure where and when your incoming calls are answered. Divert calls to any landline or mobile phone. We have developed an intelligent call routing dashboard that enables you to capture all of your calls from anywhere, on any device, 24/7.

Call Routing, Virtual Receptionist, Business Call Record, Call Analytics, Call Queuing, PCI Compliancy, Conference Call Service, Fax to Email, Contact Centre.

Enhance customer satisfaction, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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business broadband

Hyperfast Connectivity

Business Broadband

Improve staff productivity with a faster and more resilient business internet connection with our diverse range of business broadband options.

Our connections are deployed with the highest speed to your premise and reliability is enhanced as your data is carried over our business-only network. When it comes to switching, we take care of it all and ensure a seamless migration to our internet service, supported by our unrivalled support.

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Future-proof, cost-effective and hosted in the cloud

VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP it’s the cheaper option for the phone calls. But another key advantage is being able to combine phone calls with business data. Link offices, mobile phones and home workers on to one simple, easy-to-use system.

Opting for a Hosted Phone System allows you to handle calls with a professional greeting, a range of options to direct callers to the correct department and a queuing system to handle high call volumes.

  • Complete Online Control
  • Conferencing and Screenshare
  • Voice, Messaging, Video
  • Cost-effective Call Recording
  • CRM and System Integration
  • Flexibility to add and remove users
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Choose from a Range of Numbers

Inbound Numbers

Choose the perfect, memorable business phone number to promote your company nationwide, in any town / city. A wide range of numbers are available from our Tier-1 network and incoming calls can be routed to any UK landline or mobile phone number.

Non-geographic numbers include the popular freephone range starting 0800 or, select a local rate 0333 number. Generate a rebate with each call by choosing from a range of 084x and 087x business phone numbers or take advantage of virtual geographic 01 /02 numbers to create a business presence in a chosen region of the UK.

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Business Only Mobile

Our mobile SIM only deals, offer you all the benefits of joining our business-only network with the best business Call, Text and Data rates. We offer business call rates in the UK from leading networks including Vodafone, O2 and EE as well as consistently low roam rates covering all 196 countries in Europe and the world.

Unlimited Calls, Unlimited Text and Unlimited Data

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