7 eCommerce Website Design Tips You Need to Know

Do you want to improve your eCommerce website design to attract more visitors?

Today, eCommerce is one of the most accessible and profitable types of business. In 2019 alone, the value of eCommerce sales reached £2.6 trillion worldwide. Because of this, it’s trickier to find a unique design with more eCommerce websites popping up.

If you’re an eCommerce site owner who wants a better website design, you came to the right place. Below, we’ll share the top seven website design tips all eCommerce owners need to know.

1. Simplicity Is Your Friend

Here, we’re not talking about a simple website only. We’re referring to one of the trendiest website design styles in recent times: minimalism. Learn about more eCommerce trends now to update your knowledge.

Many eCommerce website owners today appreciate the beauty of a minimalist website design. The cleaner design creates more cohesiveness and removes unneeded content.

Yet, remember that a minimalist design doesn’t fit every eCommerce business site. It doesn’t mean that you can’t simplify your website design, too. You don’t need to follow the minimalist style, but it helps to keep your site clean and clear.

2. Quality Photos and Videos Create Excellent First Impressions

Consider putting yourself in your target audience’s shoes. Do you think you’ll trust websites that use pixelated or low-quality photos and videos? You can’t expect your visitors to put trust in you if you practice the same thing.

If you use low-quality photos, you’re making it harder for customers to get a good view of your products. Pixelated pictures can spoil their impression of your product. Also, it can affect your reputation or brand as an eCommerce website.

The solution is to place only high-quality photos and videos on your website.

Remember that we’re in an era where you can buy a product without seeing it in real life. Thus, it’s only proper that you present quality photos of the products you sell. Plus, it’s the next best thing you can do for customers who can’t get a personal look at the products.

3. Keep Distractions Away From Your Visitors

Don’t add unnecessary pieces of information to your eCommerce web pages and website. If you do, you’re distracting your visitors from a sale or conversion. A great eCommerce website design should always fulfil your goals.

Are you unsure which buttons or pieces of information you should remove from your web design? If so, then go back to your goals. Often, eCommerce owners have one of the following goals:

  • Conversion
  • Increased traffic
  • Sale of a product
  • More brand awareness

Once you know what you’re after, remove everything else that would distract you from your goal.

Do you have trouble knowing which pieces of information to remove from your design? Do you think it’s better to recreate the whole thing? Seek professional help by reaching out to a web design service instead.

4. Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices

More people browse online on their mobile devices compared to their computers. As an eCommerce site owner, you mustn’t ignore this statistic. After all, internet browsing also includes researching products and shopping.

Thus, it’s crucial to ensure that your website design is mobile-responsive. It shouldn’t load slower, look awkward, or be hard to use on a smartphone. Instead, it should maintain the right proportion and be clear on mobile screens.

Mobile optimization also includes changing some things, like how you create content.

For example, text on a computer will look different when you write a blog article on your PC. Yet, what may seem like a small block on a computer may look like a wall of text on a mobile screen. Make sure you avoid this mistake and shift your writing style to better adapt to mobile screens.

5. An Excellent Design Has Flow and Is Easy to Navigate

Remember, ease of use is a driving force behind user experience and excellent reviews. Thus, it’s not enough to have a beautiful website design. If you want to gain an edge over your competition, make sure your website is also convenient.

Your website design should follow the eye’s natural flow. Often, this means following a top-down and left-to-right approach. The sizes of your website elements also affect how the human eye moves.

Here’s another best eCommerce website design tip for all site owners: add a navigation menu.

A navigation menu is an underrated tool for many eCommerce site owners. It is one tool visitors often look for when visiting a website.

It gives users a quick way to jump between pages. It also makes navigating the eCommerce website easier. You can even go further by adding a filter tool for the products or services you sell.

6. Understand Color Psychology Before You Choose Your Site Colors

Colour psychology is powerful. Understanding how it works will give you an advantage over other eCommerce websites. It can encourage more sales, traffic, and even engagement.

Use a specific colour palette on your website design to inspire different emotions. Do the same with the other elements, like the “Buy” or “Add to Cart” buttons. It also helps to get help from a professional web design company.

7. Remain Consistent With Your Branding

Last but not least, to be successful in designing, you should have consistent branding. Consistency is how you stand out among other websites. It’s also how you keep your eCommerce brand stuck in the mind of your visitors.

The various ways to be consistent with your branding include:

  • Making your logo visible on all pages
  • Using consistent colour schemes and fonts
  • Following the brand design of your products

You can also do the opposite of the last item and echo your website design in your product design.

Make an eCommerce Website Design That Stands Out With Our Tips

Bringing an eCommerce website to success takes a lot of planning, effort, time, and money. We hope that this guide on eCommerce website design helps you get closer to your goal.

Do you want an expert’s touch in figuring out your website design? We can help you create the perfect website design to gain an edge over your competitors. For inquiries or concerns, visit our Ibertech Solutions contact page today.